14 Things To Know BEFORE Moving to Saskatoon, Sk {2022 Guide}

Living in Saskatoon, Sk

If you are moving to Saskatoon, or even just considering it, read this article before you do.

Saskatoon is a great place to live.

According to Statistics Canada (StatCan), Saskatoon ranks among the top 10 urban centres in the nation when it comes to its rate of growth. The city’s population rose by 1.9 per cent, tying with Calgary and Kelowna for fourth place, the agency said in a new report. -Jan 20, 2021

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If you’re considering moving to Saskatoon, Tim would love to help with your relocation. As a recent “new resident” to Saskatoon, I am more than happy to help you with your unique needs and circumstances.

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Here are 14 things you can expect to love about Saskatoon.

Community – The BEST Reason to Move to Saskatoon!

The small-town atmosphere of Saskatoon is one of its best features. You’ll soon find that people in Saskatoon are familiar and it seems like everyone knows someone who you know. It happens frequently that you will run into someone you’ve met, recognize their face, and conversation takes place after a friendly greeting. Because of its small-town atmosphere, Saskatoon exudes a sense of familiarity and comfort.

The population in Saskatoon, Sk has seen an increase from 325,000 people in the year 2020 to nearly 337,000 residents in 2022. This growth in population makes Saskatoon one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada.

If you appreciate the chance to socialize with new individuals while bumping into old friends, Saskatoon is a growing city with a hometown atmosphere. It’s both big enough for you to meet new people and tiny enough for you to keep running across familiar faces.

The People You Meet in Saskatoon

The residents of Saskatoon are a big part of what makes the city so wonderful. You will meet some of the friendliest, most hospitable individuals in Saskatoon. Saskatoon has a lot to offer, including a fantastic place for jobs and affordability, unlike most other cities, which contributes to the pleasure of its residents.

Moving to Saskatoon from one of Canada’s larger provinces, such as Ontario or British Columbia, would undoubtedly make you realize how hospitable the locals are. When we returned to Saskatoon, we immediately realized what we always knew, that the city’s personality is infectious.

Saskatoon residents, according to Statistics Canada, are happier than Regina, our closest neighbor. Being around cheerful individuals will make you a happier person as well.

Jobs – Saskatoon Needs You

As of writing this article, Saskatoon has a 5.9% unemployment rate and a 5.4% increase in employment from one year ago.

Agriculture and mining are important drivers of Saskatoon’s economy. Saskatoon has expanded into many various employment categories, including oil and gas, although this still remains the city’s main focus.

Saskatoon is a significant hub for distribution and logistics in Canada because of its strategic position.

A developing digital media ecosystem with numerous successful tech startup businesses are also present in the city.

Saskatoon rises to the top of the list of Canadian cities for work prospects when you combine these job options with the cheaper cost of living.

Check out these current job and career opportunities before moving to Saskatoon.

Affordability of Homes For Sale in Saskatoon

Some of the most affordable houses for sale in the country are in Saskatoon. If you’re looking for a property in Nutana, Varsity View, Grosvenor Park, or one of Saskatoon’s newer neighborhoods like Brighton or Aspen Ridge, you’ll discover that the homes are reasonably priced given the area’s economy and standard of living. Homes and real estate in Saskatoon are very affordable.

If you are shopping for homes for sale in Saskatoon please feel free to contact Tim with any questions you may have. I love to help people who are moving to Saskatoon!

The city’s affordability is one of the primary drivers of migration to Saskatoon. It is one of the few significant technological hubs where housing costs are below the national average. Living in Saskatoon is fantastic!

Taste the Food

food in saskatoon

Saskatoon is regarded as one of Canada’s top culinary destinations, so it’s hardly surprising that it was mentioned in the New York Times “52 places to Visit”.

Nearly half of Canada’s farmland is located in the province of Saskatchewan, known as the “bread basket of Canada,” with Saskatoon located right in the middle of it all.

Saskatoon is home to a large number of eager chefs, bakers, and all-around food lovers who are changing the city into a gourmet treasure.

Our talented chefs have incorporated local elements into their menus to create imaginative pairings and delectable dishes. Despite being in the middle of Canada, you wouldn’t know it from our interpretations of Mexican, Burmese, Indian, Thai, and Jamaican cuisine. Additionally, Saskatoon has some of the best and most enjoyable restaurants that can accommodate any dietary needs.

Local Distillers and Brewers

Local Bew, Cider and Hard Liquor

With a growing number of local breweries and distillers emerging over the past few years, Saskatoon is quickly becoming one of the best cities in Western Canada for local beverages.

Whether you are looking for great craft beer, fantastic Cider, or some of the best local distilled liquor in the world (yes, some of our local distilleries are ranked that high), Saskatoon will not disappoint.


Saskatoon is home to the University of Saskatchewan, one of Canada’s most distinguished universities. It is also home to SaskPolytec, and a host of smaller business colleges serving the needs of students. Thousands of students are moving to Saskatoon every year.

Saskatoon Public Schools and the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School division serve the needs of students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12.

With schools located conveniently across the city and bus service for most, you will be sure to be close to school wherever you live when moving to Saskatoon.

Tech Scene

The technological sector in Saskatoon is now regarded as one of Saskatchewan’s main economic drivers’ thanks to its astounding track record of exponential expansion driven by significant acquisitions. Major international technological businesses, local governments, and academic institutions all demonstrate their admiration and support for this thriving industry.

With the aim of tripling the IT sector by 2030, the provincial government is offering various levels of financial support. Through a $10,000 government procurement contract, the Made in Saskatchewan Technology Program assists regional IT enterprises in expanding their clientele.

A 45 percent refundable tax credit is also offered as part of the Saskatchewan Technology Startup Incentive to entice local investors to support digital start-ups.

Saskatoon is a popular location for corporate conferences and events, attracting attendees from all over the world.


Saskatoon has been gaining a reputation as a city that can hold its own when it comes to live music, art, theatre, performers, muralists, distinctive venues, and fervent throngs of art enthusiasts.

Remai Modern, AKA Gallery, and Paved Arts are other venues where you can see some fantastic art. You can quickly tell that Saskatoon’s arts and cultural scene is vibrant, dynamic, and always growing.

Visit sites like The Broadway Theatre for a variety of live performances, and The Bassment in the city centre to get down.

Music and Nightlife

There are friendly people from all over the world in Saskatoon. Throughout the year, one may find every genre of music performed by every type of musician imaginable in a variety of city venues. 

Saskatoon offers the ideal environment for regional and international performers to do what they do best and entertain, whether it be in concert halls, dive bars, or wide-open parks.


Attending world-class festivals in Saskatoon is among the best things you can do. With a couple of your closest friends or family, you will have the time of your life at either a delicious food festival or a thrilling music festival in Saskatoon.

Festivals allow you to fully experience the local atmosphere and culture. You could immerse yourself in dance festivals, music festivals, theatre & film festivals, quirky local festivals, and more.


The Saskatchewan Rush Professional Lacrosse team (National Lacrosse League) and the Saskatchewan Rattlers Professional Basketball team (Canadian Elite Basketball League) are the only professional sports team in Saskatoon.

University sports are big in Saskatoon, particularly hockey. The U of S Huskies are perennial rivals for the National championships.

Additionally, the Saskatoon Blades are a local hockey institution participating in the Western Hockey League, one of Canada’s top junior leagues, and promoter of many professional players to the NHL (National Hockey League).

Saskatoon also offers a great variety of minor sports options for young participants in all seasons.

The South Saskatchewan River

Located on the South Sask River gives Saskatoon a beautiful backdrop for scenic pics. But more than that it gives residents a place to gather and offers a variety of choices for recreation and play.

Eating ice cream at River Landing, biking and walking the Meewasin Trail, canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boarding, and going for a ride on the Prairie Lily are just a few of the things that you can do on the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon.

Saskatoon is a Beautiful City

Known as the “Paris of the Prairies”, and the “Bridge City”, Saskatoon offers picturesque and beautiful backdrops from every angle. Surrounded by golden shimmering wheat fields in the summer and sparkling snowflakes in the winter. It’s hard not to fall in love with this beautiful city.

Final Thoughts on Moving to Saskatoon

There are so many things to do in Saskatoon, there really is something for everyone!

As someone who moved to Saskatoon myself (twice), I wanted to share some of my experiences since moving here. Moving from Yorkton to Saskatoon is something that was a big shift for us, going from a small city to one that is larger and growing is a lot of fun.

Saskatoon offers a lot of great options for buyers coming from both more expensive places, and smaller cities and towns. Using local search features you have the ability to really narrow down your search to any area or neighborhood of Saskatoon.

Additionally, I have some great resources that I don’t always share online which I’d love to share with you if you would like to work with me on purchasing a home!

Please feel free to reach out to me directly here. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading the 14 Reasons to move to Saskatoon! If so, share it with friends!

Considering moving to Saskatoon? I’d love to help you make the move – contact me to help with your relocation OR any questions you may have!

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