Areas of Saskatoon

animated areas of saskatoon map

We often think of the areas of Saskatoon as the Eastside and Westside, with the river and the downtown core separating the two.

In reality, Saskatoon is made up of 5 areas with 60+ neighborhoods.

Take the time to look at the area and neighborhood you may want to live in. Consider the amenities, schools, transportation, and other factors that match your lifestyle

Area 1

Located on the city’s east side, Area 1 has experienced rapid growth in recent years. This region is still undergoing substantial construction, and new amenities are always being added. Brighton, Willowgrove, Arbor Creek, Silverspring, University Heights, and Evergreen are some of the sought-after communities in this region. The Forestry Farm of Saskatoon is also located here.

Forest Grove

University Heights
West College Park

Area 2

Located in the southern region of Saskatoon, going southward from the University of Saskatchewan. The region has had substantial expansion, which can be attributed to its closeness to Circle Drive, one of Saskatoon’s key thoroughfares that provides access to the whole city. This neighbourhood is extremely well-liked because it combines established communities with easy access to the University and Broadway area with new construction in Stonebridge and the highly sought-after Willows community at the Willows Golf and Country Club. Stonebridge is developing the quickest, and the  Willows, Nutana, Varsity View, and Greystone Heights are all very popular as well. Due to the established neighbourhoods and several nice-sized lots where smaller homes had once stood, this region in Saskatoon is a favourite for infill developments.

Adelaide Churchill
Breevort Park
Buena Vista

Greystone Heights
Grosvenor Park

Nutana Park
Queen Elizabeth
Varsity View

Area 3

Situated in Saskatoon’s most northern region. A substantial portion of the city’s economic growth is located in the north, which also offers quick access to the highways that connect to some of Saskatchewan’s best lakes and national parks. Due to its proximity to walking trails along the river and selection of established neighbourhoods, many people who purchase homes for sale in Saskatoon’s north end decide they never want to leave. Due to the nearby commercial land, this region has likely hit the limits of its potential for development and won’t likely see any more construction for a while. This neighbourhood also contains Saskatoon’s downtown district with City Park being a popular location for character homes.

Central Business District
City Park
Kelsey Woodlawn

Lawson Heights
North Park
Richmond Heights

River Heights
Silverwood Heights

Area 4

Located in the southwest part of Saskatoon, dating from the early 1900s through the 1980s.   This area also has some of the Saskatoon neighbourhoods that are experiencing a renaissance thanks to the attention of investors and other local Saskatoon residents. One of the neighbourhoods with recent upgrades is Riversdale. Considering this area’s potential for appeal due to its proximity to the river, there is still potential for work to be done to continue improving the area.

Caswell Hill
Holliday Park
Hudson Bay Park
King George

Mount Royal

Pleasant Hill

Area 5

Situated on Saskatoon’s western edge. In this location, some of the city’s newest communities are located alongside homes built in the 1960s. The two newest neighborhoods in Area 5 are Hampton Village and Blairmore. The homes in Hampton Village are generally less expensive than in comparable east-side areas since the land is more affordable than on the city’s east side. In addition to these, Dundonald, Parkridge, and the distinctive neighbourhood of Montgomery Place are also popular areas. Montgomery Place is the place for you if you’re searching for a community-like area. This neighbourhood is sought after by those who want additional land that other regions can’t accommodate because it contains some of the largest lots in the city.

Hampton Village

Massey Place
Montgomery Place
Pacific Heights

Westview Heights